The Power of Observation

un-AMI admit to being strongly influenced by what I see, the actions of someone versus what they say always makes a greater impact. Which brings me to the design process. As a human-centered / meaning-centered creator and designer of UI and UX experiences I always am curious to see the facial expression of a person using a new digital website. It is always enlightening to learning something by watching, decoding in my mind and understanding what is really going on with their experience. Those moments of watching certainly out weight what a person actually says about that experience. This is the part of the design process that feels intuitive. Watching and interpreting.

First hand observation helps designers create better interfaces that people can use. With the emphasis on people, not designers. Designers can create some new things, but often the world only really can shift so much before something becomes uΠ®ΞcognizΔβle.




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